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Concerned about what therapy is really like? Here's what you need to know.

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What does a therapist offer that my friend, family, or confidant can’t? Why do I need a mental health professional?

Confidentiality!  The importance of protecting your sharing:

A professional counselor can provide a compassionate, non-biased approach to your need.  A professional can assist you with learning new skills, developing insight, and acquiring healthy approaches to issues at hand.  A therapist is skillfully trained to focus on the solution, provide the tools that are needed to navigate through the journey of life, and overcome unexpected hazards along the way.

How can I get the best results from therapy?

You can get the best results from therapy by doing your part as an active participant in each session and completing assignments.  Changing behavior through mental and emotional growth is a personal journey that TLTC is here to guide you through.  Your decision to try therapy is an act of strength, vulnerability, and self-care. In order to achieve positive results from therapy, a client must be committed to honesty, and be willing to learn new ways to control actions, and balance emotions.

You are your best investment (Satisfaction is not 100% guaranteed) 

What do I mean by this?  So excited that you asked.

Although I’m a therapist, and have been equipped with a lot of skills to provide the services a client needs; I cannot do Your work.  Think of a therapist like a coach, I see your potential, recognize your need, and can train you to become the best “You.”  However, if you don’t show up to practice, put your best efforts forward, trust me to strengthen areas of needed improvement, and utilize daily what you’ve learned in practice, you miss the opportunity to improve your talent and reach your optimal performance. Remember, therapy only works if You work it.

What are the benefits of therapy?

When you work with a therapist you can connect with, it allows you to feel more comfortable with discussing personal matters. TLTC can provide the supportive, and caring environment you want or need.  Therapists can provide tools such as problem-solving skills and coping strategies to manage symptoms of mental health disorders, challenges in relationships, grief and loss, emotion regulation, etc..  When it comes to gaining new outlooks on various issues, or guidance with obtaining closure, therapists are great assets! The list below is a short list of many benefits you may gain from therapy: 

  • Finding resolution to the issues or concerns that led you to seek therapy

  • Reaching a better understanding of yourself, your goals, and values

  • Developing skills for making your personal relationships more fulfilling

  • Learning how to establish healthy social/relationship boundaries

  • Discovering new ways to solve problems in your relationships at home and on the job

  • Managing anger, frustration, and other intense emotional concerns

  • Learning new ways to cope with stress and anxiety

  • Changing old behavior patterns and developing new ones

  • Improving your self-esteem and boosting self-confidence and self-awareness

  • Identifying physical symptoms that are linked to stress, and how to work towards reducing or eliminating them. Symptoms such as:

    • head and abdominal pain

    • poor sleep hygiene

    • lack of energy, etc.,