Among so many diversities of counseling, it is a plus to have a specific focus that one thrives in.  My educational background was nurtured in Counseling Psychology.  Counseling psychology is a specialty within professional psychology that maintains a focus on facilitating personal and interpersonal functioning throughout an individual’s life.  My specialty pays particular attention to emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental, and organizational concerns.  

In addition, interventions used may be either brief or long-term; they are often problem-specific and goal-directed. These activities are guided by a philosophy that values individual differences, diversity, and a focus on prevention, development, and adjustment across the span of life.  (“Society of Counseling Psychology,” 2017)


Group Therapy

Group therapy is useful for certain clients.  It provides a sense of belonging in a supportive setting, a universality that says “I’m not the only one.”  A group follows a lifespan if you will that starts out in infancy and grows into a thriving adult.



Seminar/workshop is a didactic interactive way to instruct, interact, and motivate, employees, colleagues, like-minded people, etc. in a more personable group setting.  The size of the group most likely depends on the purpose or topic of the event.  


Motivational Speaking

Motivational speaking is an inspirational style of speaking that focuses on the core need of the group to assist them with excelling in their endeavor.  My purpose is to catapult the audience beyond the point that their own capabilities have gotten them.  The talk ranges from the need for a simple recharge to being introduced to inner strengths never before imagined.  BOGO: Helping your group Transcend, equals taking your vision to the next level.



Mediation is a problem-solving process in which an unbiased, skilled third party – the mediator – helps the parties to dispute and reach a voluntary agreement. The mediator does not decide how the dispute should be resolved, but rather helps the parties create agreements that are mutually satisfactory to all parties.