Michelle Johnson, LPC

Michelle Johnson is a licensed professional counselor in Houston, TX with one mission in mind; helping her clients rise above their circumstances.  For years, Michelle has developed therapeutic relationships with her clients. Michelle is proficient in assisting individuals and groups with overcoming addiction, mending relationships, increasing self-esteem, managing the symptoms of their diagnosis, and empowering them to challenge personal limitations that prevent them from leading a meaningful life. 

At a very impressionable age I heard the story about the ugly duckling that discovered it was a beautiful swan.  The fairy tale, as I eventually came to realize, shaped my life's course.  As a young girl, I began inspiring people to believe in themselves, and find a uniqueness about themselves to be proud of.  I gently reminded them to believe in the possibility of achieving their dreams.  I soon began to realize that my life's purpose is to inspire people, and help them overcome obstacles in their life so they can flourish. Since becoming a professional counselor, I have helped my clients develop skills that allow them to reach new heights in spite of past events or recent challenges in their life.  I have provided tools to help my clients achieve goals they never thought possible, and for others, assisted them with finding peace of mind.