Terms & Conditions



Rates, Insurance, Payment:


All rates and payment plans will be discussed directly (via telephone and/or email) prior to confirming appointments. 


I am not a provider for insurance panels and am considered an out-of-network provider.  I recommend you contact your insurance company about your out-of-network benefits prior to our first visit, as it is your responsibility to verify the specifics of your coverage. Payment is due by cash, debit, or credit card prior to starting the session.  Upon your request, an invoice will be provided which you can submitted to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  

Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:

  • Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

Please note: not all issues, conditions, problems which are addressed in psychotherapy are reimbursed by insurance companies.  Submitting a mental health invoice for reimbursement may carry a certain amount of risk to confidentiality or privacy.  It may impact future capacity to obtain health, life insurance or even employment.  As an out-of-network provider we can decide how much, if any, information you want shared with your insurance company.


Debit, and all major credit cards accepted for payment. Cashier's checks are accepted.  Payment is due before the session begins. Please note there is a $35 fee for all returned debit charges.

Terms & Conditions:

Are You Ready to Transcend?

You have made an great decision to get help and support from a therapist. Therapy can be a very rewarding and life-enhancing experience.  There is nothing more empowering than being challenged in ways that will allow you to make changes you never thought possible. To transcend is to go beyond, rise above, or surpass limits. I would be honored to guide you through this journey when you decide to choose me as your therapist.

To decide if we are a good fit I always recommend new or prospective clients to schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.  This brief call will consist of a discussion of your goals and expectations for therapy. In this discussion, I will provide details on pricing and any fees associated with the services you need. My hope is that during the consultation I can address any initial questions or concerns you have about the therapy process.

My preferred therapeutic approach is Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving.  My goal is to help change the thought pattern and behavior that is fueling your discomforts, so you can obtain your desired change. 

If we both agree that my skill set and therapeutic approach matches what you are looking for, we can move forward with scheduling an in-person session.  I cannot express enough that finding a therapist you feel comfortable with is of the utmost importance.  


We are aware that life happens, if you must cancel please provide a 24 hours notice.  Rarely, am I able to fill a cancelled session unless I am notified at least one day in advance.  If you are unable to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full fee for your session; however, there are exceptions:

  • If I am able to schedule another client

  • In the event is a serious or contagious illness or an emergency (proof must be provided)