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— Michelle


Dear Michelle, 

I thank you so much for what you have taught me. I've learned how to use my cues, automatic thoughts, and self-talk and other coping skills. I've learned how to handle life a little better and understand death a little more. I've come a long way. I've learned how to think before acting. I'm going to miss you so much.

- Anonymous

She is a great person who cares for the patient. She really makes the effort to understand situations and makes me feel comfortable with her suggestions. She helps me and gives the best suggestions to her knowledge.

- Anonymous

I have seen a lot of therapists in my life, but none of them have helped me the way you have and especially in this amount of time like you have.

- Anonymous

I came here feeling pretty confident, but now I am assured that I can do this!


On my journey to heal I discovered that I have just been moving through life and getting older. I did not realize that sometimes you have to go all the way back to childhood because that’s where my hurt began.  I signed my name because I am sharing my truth and I am free now.

~  Michael K.

Michelle is a delight to work with as she enjoys therapeutic challenges, whether in individual or group settings.  I have no doubt that her broad scope of experience and clinical skills will allow her to successfully serve as a clinician, human services consultant or community college counselor/teacher.   

As a past administrator and professor in Florida State University, Indiana University-Purdue University, Old Dominion University, Texas A. & M. University, the University of the Virgin Islands and a retired clinician, I am delighted to recommend Ms. Johnson as she is one of few individuals that I would recommend.

- Ronald Howard, Ph.D.

As a Master degree classmate and coworker of Michelle Johnson for the last 7 years, I have come to know her as a person of great character.  She has demonstrated her professionalism in all that she does.  I know the companies Michelle  has worked for has benefited from her great problem solving skills and her diligent work ethics.

Michelle has gained great experience in applying her educational background to her professional arena.  She is experienced in creating a therapeutic setting for clients to feel comfortable and reassured.  Her caring spirit allows for her to display her empathy to others, and to allow clients to feel her genuine love for counseling.  She is experienced in working with individuals of all social economic groups.  She has demonstrated her knowledge working with personality disorders, suicide ideations, substance use disorders, and other mental health issues. 

Michelle has displayed so many great qualities in the years I have known her, and she continues to grow in her field. 


- Diedra Simmons MS, LCDC




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