The focus of Transcend Living is to help you take your life back by learning how to deal with the challenges that disrupt mental and emotional stability.  It is to provide a safe haven to rise above insecurities while erasing doubt, awakening potential, and empowering you to break through the roadblocks that are in the way of discovering YOUR GREATEST SELF.

Transcend Living Transformative Counseling is committed to helping you to transcend by healing emotionally, learning to amend unfavorable behaviors, and gain control of unwanted symptoms so that you can focus on Living your life.

Today is the day to start your transformation!

Our Services

Transcend Living offers individual counseling services, group therapy, seminars, and transformational speaking.  Michelle Johnson, LPC is experienced in assisting her clients with understanding and gaining control of symptoms of depression and anxiety to name a few by using therapeutic skills that have been statistically proven.  Are you ready to transcend?

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First time in therapy?

Your first time in therapy can be a very vulnerable and unpredictable experience. At Transcend Living, our goal is to meet you where you are mentally and emotionally so that your journey towards well-being is full of comfort and trust. Whether you're booking an individual or group session, we'll provide insight on what to expect.

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What clients are saying:

We value all feedback from our clients, other mental health professionals, and community partners alike. Your voice drives TLTC to provide consistently effective services.

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Get ready to Transcend!

Transcend Living is driven by a belief that counseling is one component of a transformed life.  As an advocate for mental and physical health, as well as emotional and spiritual wellness, Transcend Living will take part in raising awareness for holistic living through our informative blog.  Our content covers alternative medicine, meditation, and more!   Read Our Blog »