We live in a world where the beauty of intimacy has been tainted with lust or what other’s think
to be passion, but intimacy is so much more, and like love has so many stages/levels and
variations in its purity.  It is said that God is love; there isn’t anything purer than this form of
love, or intimacy in my opinion.  I’m inspired to be transparent and share this series because we
have now evolved into a society where people are misguided by “All things fake,” and have lost
the discernment for what is pure and real.  

It takes a certain amount of vulnerability and strength to be transparent. Don’t mistake transparency with a tell-all confession. Although exonerating, a tell-all confession is more about providing information previously hidden about something that has been done. Transparency on the other hand by Merriam- Webster definition is to be fine or sheer enough to see through.  It has the property of transmitting light, is of honesty and openness.  Now this type of transparency, unlike a tell-all confession, would be more like the sincerity of one sharing their love to or for another. 

Transparency is a revealing of one’s truth or their state of being, not what one has been done.
Intimacy…the journey to Transcend Living was inspired by a more spiritual talk regarding
intimacy. My take away materialized to the realization that to live is to love; however, I am
referring to loving one’s self.  Don’t be mistaken, this is not a narcissistic type of love that I
speak of. This is elevating to the level of human awareness that I believe we were created to
abide in.  Accepting yourself in the splendor of how you were created and meant to become.

Transcend Living is about overcoming.  Intimacy is about being happy, and more alive. About
being vulnerable enough to be transparent, and free enough to not be negatively affected by what you’ve revealed.  Transparency is a place of comfort, trust, and confidence; thereby, bringing
forth the pureness of intimacy.   

Isn’t it a human desire to truly be seen deeper than the exterior?
Wouldn’t you like to experience the joy of knowing that people can really see the essence of who
“You”, and have the inner strength to accept that you are realized?