Strength to Transcend

Strength, who needs it?  I always have, and for so many reasons in my life.  

The Dwennimmen is the Adinkra symbol for humility and strength combined.  More specifically, the Dwennimmen symbol is a bird’s eye view of two dueling rams.  The two horns represent the polar opposites of the ram’s characteristics.  You see the ram is a strong and fierce fighter against its adversary,  yet submits to slaughter (Lauber, 2012).  Prior to learning about the Dwennimmen symbol, I looked to a man whose life story revealed the meaning of strength and humility.  I will always admire Him.   His name is Jesus the Christ, and through Him, I learned about the beauty of humility, and learned how to develop, value, and operate in strength.

The author of Isaiah 53:7 wrote, “He was oppressed, yet when he was afflicted he didn't open his mouth. As a lamb that is led to the slaughter and as a sheep that before its shearers are mute, so he didn't open his mouth” (World English Bible).

Hear me; I’m talking about a man who had miraculous power!  He spoke a word, and the elements obeyed it. Yet, at this moment He submitted to the will of those who were weaker minded, jealous, and intimidated by his popularity.  They envied the excellence and authority that he both spoke with and walked in.  Trust me I could go on, and on about my hero, but his example showed the importance of having a check and balance on STRENGTH. Why wouldn’t someone who by verbal command healed the sick, called life back into the deceased, demanded that a fig tree wither away because of pure disappointment, say nor do anything to save His own life?  Well, I gather from the author’s writing that He saw the bigger picture.

I thought of my hero every time my character was attacked.  I considered what He did when I was lied on and falsely accused of deeds I was not present for.  I wondered how he felt when I was the victim of jealousy and mediocrity or when opportunities and ideas were stolen.  I considered how he would respond when my kindness was taken advantage of, or my intentions misunderstood.  I followed his example when I was betrayed by those thought to be dear (the list can go on). While enduring these experiences, I thought of Jesus the Christ because His character was my symbol of strength.

Living the transcended life…

Why did I remain silent?  The answer is I too came to see the bigger picture.  Through the experiences, I developed strength, and thus was able to pray for and forgive my enemies.  I learned that I could find forgiveness for those who spitefully accused me.  I learned to devalue materialistic things; realizing that life itself is more valuable, so I willingly gave to those who thought they were taking.  I befriended the jealous because I came to understand that it was not about me, they suffered from their own insecurities.  I rejoiced in learning that I would have moved too soon If I hadn't been put in the position to wait for the next opportunity to come.   I forgave those that misunderstood my heartfelt intentions.  I developed compassion for those who I later learned betrayed me because I knew they had to reap seven times more than they had sewed.  I have developed a stride in my strength walk because now I reap the reward.  I reap the reward of learning the check and balance of the strength that rests in humility.

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