Why Do I Need Therapy? I'm NOT "One of Them"!

We live in a world where it is now “trendy” to be healthy.  It’s all about gluten-free this, vegan that, organic this, no GMOs that.  People are paying more attention to the nutritional value and label on food products.  They have even dedicated their shopping trips to stores such as Whole Foods, and Traders Joes which are known for their wide selection of all natural food products.  The health conscious individuals are also making healthy grab & go choices at chains such as Snap Kitchen, etc.  Furthermore, people are giving more attention to being physically fit than they have in the past.  They are opting to bypass the elevator and take the stairs, investing in gym memberships, and purchasing devices to count their steps and/or focusing on staying active.

So I ask, what about our mental health?  How emotionally fit are we?

When we hear the word “health,” we think exercise and eating right, but seldom do we think about our emotional well-being.  Well, that is until someone reminds us that our mental health is equally important to better health.

Ask yourself, when is the last time I stretched my mind, checked in on my emotional state or rejuvenated my overall way of being?  Your mental health is just as important as counting those calories and saying no thanks to the pizza or choosing frozen yogurt over ice cream tonight.

It is critical to understand the purpose or need for counseling because we do not always know the best answers, and may need a bit more guidance than what are best friends can provide.

Seeking professional, skilled help may be beneficial.  There are no taboos or stigmas around hiring a personal trainer, or a nutritionist, so why should there be one for a therapist?   Each profession requires training, testing, and certifications to provide the assistance one needs to obtain better health.  Hiring a therapist should not be viewed any differently.

We put our bodies to work, but not our minds.  We put checks and balances on our sugar intake, but we do not check and balance our mental state.  Is it because we haven’t reached the point of being a danger to ourselves or others?   Is it because self-medicating hasn’t thoroughly kicked our butt?   Why let yourself get to that point?

Checking in with a professionally skilled therapist about your day-to-day happenings, or your emotional ups and downs will help you better prepare for your daily routine.  Therapy will give you extra support to maintain your desires to eat healthy, or motivate you to get started on your journey to optimal health.  There’s one thing you should to know and always remember, Mental health is a combination of your emotional, psychological, and social well being according to mentalhealth.gov which I dare to say are all components of being “Fit.”

The lyrics to a song by En Vogue says "Free your mind, and the rest will follow." I will go further and advise you to take care of your mind, and so your body can follow.